High Grade Sound System


High Grade Sound was born in the Summer of 2000. This was after many years with other sound systems such as King Tubby’s (1st), Aries and Street Vibes (which was founded by myself George Sterling (aka) Country/Father George and Cousin Ricky Steppa).

High Grade was started by Country (with encouragement from Lady Angella) who inspired me to do something for myself, Father Greg (aka) (Ranger) from Jamaica was also involved. Our aim was to bring back the love for music for people who truly wanted to go out and enjoy themselves.

Members include Reuben Dean, Rodney Ezzidio (aka) Inspector, Richard Pitterson (aka) Big John, Ricardo Dawkins (aka) Ricky Steppa

The sound business is a hard one, but can be very rewarding when you see how happy it can make others, with this thought we hope to go on from strength to strength.

One Love, Blessings to one and all

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Live @