Metroglory Sound System


Metroglory Sound System is state of the art, third generation UK sound system that originates from the East London Hackney  area of Homerton, owned and managed by Sterling, the sound system started out in 1985 in Trojan B.I.’s debut appearance when they clashed with Saxon Studio, and at that time the sound system was owned by Sterling, Tony F, and Eddie Nestor.

The sound system was originally an arms house clash sound system, and when Trojan B.I. joined forces with Fugitive Sound System, which was owned by Terrence (Mr. Capone)  together as Trojan B.I. they dominated the reggae dancehall clash scene in Hackney for many years; after not being given the trophies clearly won in several clashes and the unacceptable antics of the crew that followed Trojan B.i. , Sterling stopped promoting Clash dances and focused more on community and educational events or promotions.

As well as being at or near the evolution of most of the new UK street music genre’s,  over the years Sterling also did many promotions including Sound Splash at the Hackney show, also along with Alec Cuffy, Sterling has was one of the original founders of the British Association of sound systems, Sterling has also had an important role in exposing some of the UK’s biggest sound systems for example, Sir Biggs, Saxon, Aba Shanti, Rampage, Touch Above and Lord Ambassador, there were also a multitude of young upcoming deejays and singers that Sterling allowed on his sound system in order to help give them exposure and promotion, a bit like Youthman Promotion Sound.

The name of the Sound System was changed to Metro Glory (Science of Sound) around the year 2000 and Sterling took complete control of the sound system.  Since then Sterling has focused his attention on developing a warm valve sound quality along with superior power application, the foundation of the sound system is a reggae vinyl playing sound system, although all formats of music can be played on the newly designed sound and along with Metro Glory’s Most dedicated selector Lee, they have joined forces with Snagga Dagga and Trix in da mix of The Vibes Creation Productions team,  to deliver even bigger and better sound system experiences for UK Heritage and the Windrush Legacy to be  proud of.