Seduction City Sound System


Marilyn Dennis, aka Lady Banton, started Dj’ing in the mid-eighties in North London. Her early influences and mentors were watching sound men assembling their sounds during youth club sessions back in the early/ mid-seventies. Listening to female Dj’s like Ranking Miss P and Dj Elayne spurred her on into the game. 

Her early DJ experience with 80’s Ladies along with three other female Dj’s. In 1989 Lady Banton teamed up with another female DJ, Night Nurse to form Mellotone Sound System. The played North London parties, christenings etc but they had a dream to play at Carnival.  Mellotone appeared in the Notting Hill Carnival in 1994 on Telford Road. Mellotone’s promoted women in dancehall from the start of their journey bringing to the audiences pure clean reggae dancehall. their highlight was supporting Queen Omega during her UK tour in 2004, they appeared on the main stage in Hyde Park at the Queens Jubilee which featured on the BBC six o’clock news.

Most recently in 2016, Lady Banton formed Seduction City to continue her journey in the sound system world. With the help of some of the veteran sound men/engineers, lady Banton has welcomed  Selectors  Spice2life, DjfluffyGenna, Mc’s Andrea Clarke and Tippa. Telford road is affectionately known as Jamaica Corner so come on down and catch the vibe.